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Advancing Cancer Care & Research

Cancer researcher B. J. Purow has learned that there isn't one answer to treating brain tumors, or any other type of cancer. Finding the right treatment requires multiple approaches because the response to therapy can vary widely from patient to patient.

Now Dr. Purow and his team have discovered an exciting new target in cancer care—a "master switch" that, when blocked, may kill brain cancer cells without harming normal cells. His discovery has potential for helping treat not only brain cancer, but other type of cancer as well.

This move toward personalized, targeted medicine cannot come too soon: One out of every three women and one out of every two men will be diagnosed with cancer. For these patients and their families, time is the issue. At the UVA Cancer Center, we're leading the search for a cure.

Groundbreaking Cancer Research

Our researchers are translating exciting discoveries in the lab into promising new treatments for patients. Private support helps speed the pace of innovation — the best hope for patients and their families who know that every moment counts. Learn more.

Promising New Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are the final proving ground for new cancer treatments, and sometimes a patient's last hope. Philanthropy is a crucial component of financing clinical trials, ensuring that promising new therapies help the patients who need them most. Learn how clinical trials help cancer patients.

Innovative, Compassionate Patient Care

Cancer patients deserve access to the most advanced treatments possible in an environment that addresses their emotional and personal needs. Private support helps ensure these needs are met and allows us to develop and sustain programs targeted at prevention and early detection.

The Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center

UVA's newest patient care facility is a place of hope and healing for cancer patients and their families. Learn how you can support the Couric Clinical Center.