UVA's Heart & Vascular Center

Expert Patient Care & Research

Drs. Coleen McNamara (left) and Angela Taylor study matters of the heart—the kind that result in coronary artery disease, the leading cause of heart attack and death in the U.S. today. McNamara and Taylor use specialized computer imaging to study genetic and cellular factors that regulate plaque build-up in arteries. Eventually their work could lead to a blood test for earlier detection of coronary artery disease and a chance for new treatment and preventive strategies.

Useful, lifesaving knowledge—that's the hallmark of  UVA's Heart and Vascular Center. UVA's Heart Center is home to some of the most respected cardiologists, heart surgeons, and care teams in the field.

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The Atrial Fibrillation Institute at UVA

Atrial fibrillation is the most common type of abnormal heart rhythm in clinical medicine. Still, managing A-fib patients is challenging and must be highly individualized. UVA's proposed Atrial Fibrillation Institute will set the standard for A-fib care, education, and research, and offer new hope for A-fib patients everywhere. Learn more.

Excellence in Patient Care

The Heart and Vascular Center is motivated by a single goal — to provide patients with the best and most effective care available.

UVA's cardiovascular physicians, surgeons and nurses know that when a heart attack strikes, timing is everything. That's why UVA teams are designed to mobilize quickly. Private gifts speed clinical advances, ensuring all patients can get the best healthcare available.

Early Research

The pace of our progress in preventing and treating cardiovascular disease depends on fresh ideas, but it's often difficult to get funding for new and untested approaches from traditional sources.

The Heart and Vascular Center Partners Program provides seed funds for research and clinical programs that might not yet be competitive for larger, federal grants. Private gifts of $1,000 to $25,000 are pooled together to create a "mutual fund" for innovation.

Quality Education

Nationally recognized programs and a culture of collaboration make UVA an ideal learning environment.

And pioneering international efforts by UVA faculty like Scott Lim, MD, create unique opportunities for education and training. Each year, Lim travels to the Dominican Republic, where he performs an innovative outpatient surgery to reverse rheumatic heart disease in the country's underserved population. Endowed gifts help create these intensive and eye-opening learning opportunities and ensure they're available in perpetuity.